Ancient Craftsmanship.

Luizzo was born from the fascination for an almost forgotten material. Terrazzo. The idea to develop a solide, yet decorative floor covering by mixing cement with marble fragments lies thousands of years back. Luizzo decided to follow the roots of terrazzo to Italy where the material experienced its bloom during antiquity. Through the collaboration with a local family business that has been manufacturing terrazzo since more than 100 years, Luizzo has found its perfect partner to bring the own vision to life: A modern interpretation of traditional crafts in the form of furniture and accessories. All done by hand.


Each Luizzo product is handcrafted. More than 100 years of experience guarantee optimal processing.


The exclusive use of natural materials and the manufacturing by hand give personality and uniqueness to each product in Luizzo’s collection.


Fair manufacturing in Italy, compensation of CO2 emissions and recycled packaging materials are Luizzo’s starting point for a better world.


Luizzo aims to create timeless designs of high quality that counteract today’s fast and therefore unsustainable product cycles.


Designed by nature.

Luizzo strongly believes that beauty lies in imperfection. What is meant is the exclusive use of natural materials and the processing by hand. The marbling, pigmentation and arrangement of all natural stone elements will never turn out identical which is how each customer can be guaranteed to own an absolute unique work of art.


Thinking about tomorrow.

Luizzo feels responsible for its surroundings and sees the necessity for change in our world. All goods are ethically produced in Italy to guarantee fair labour and short ways of transportation. CO2-emissions caused by the delivery of goods are compensated via and the biggest part of our packaging is recycled.

Sustainable Pieces

Timeless design made to last.

Luizzo pieces are made to last. Not only due to the solide character of terrazzo but also due to the timeless designs that won’t go out of trend. All pieces can be used indoors and outdoors without a loss in quality. Luizzo wants to work against today’s fast and therefore unsustainable product cycles and does not aim to become part of the mass market.