luizzo terrazzo produkte online kaufenWe love that you are interested in our terrazzo products and hope that you will find your next interior highlight in our store. In the following, we summarized some suggestions and important facts about terrazzo. 

1. Terrazzo has a natural porosity that might include very small holes and patina. Like all other natural materials with an open-pore structure, terrazzo should not be treated with acidic liquids. You can find a detailed terrazzo care guide here.

2. If you are ordering tiles or several products in the same color you will notice that no piece looks exactly like the other. Reasonable variations in structure and color belong to the natural characteristics of terrazzo and ensure its beautiful appearance. Even if we will only deliver tiles of the same batch to you, we can never guarantee an absolute uniformity of tone. 

3. For all our products there might be thickness variations of +/- 10% which are considered to be within production tolerances. 

4. Some of the marble chips inside the terrazzo mixture might have small cracks that are not considered as defects. Those reflect the natural structure of the stone and can mostly be found in the larger chips (>1cm diameter). 

luizzo terrazzo produkte fliesen möbel accessoires interior5. The edges of terrazzo tiles will never appear absolutely perfect and you might notice some chipping here and there. Don't be deterred by that. This temporary defect will be remedied by the grouting process after laying and belong to the natural characteristics of terrazzo.

6. Terrazzo countertops, tiles or platters with a polished finish must be accompanied by chamfering to avoid any issues during laying (see 5.)

7. The intensity of the color of terrazzo is strongly related to the (temporarily) contained moisture inside. Wet material appears darker and more intense while the dried material reflects the real color. Due to the production process, the tiles are packed with a good residual moisture content that will naturally disappear after a few days, especially if the area is well ventilated. 

8. Color samples and images should only be considered as indicatives for the final product. We recommend to always order samples before placing a big order since the color might appear very different on screen - depending on ones individual settings and device. 

If you have any further questions we will be more than happy to consult you via phone (+49 163 4604418) or mail (