1. Where and How are Luizzo products manufactured?

All products are manufactured in a small family business in Italy. Most of the work is still done by hand. The process begins with the building of individual moulds for each piece in the collection. Separately, the terrazzo mixture gets prepared. It is stirred until the ideal consistency is reached and is then poured into the moulds. Several days pass until the terrazzo is completely hardened. Once it has set, the most elaborate part of the production process begins: The grinding. Depending on shape and size, our coffee tables require about 3-5 hours per piece.

2. Where does terrazzo come from and what does it consist of?

Terrazzo has been known in the Mediterranean area since Roman and Greek antiquity. Due to its versatility and durable texture, it was particularly appreciated as a floor covering. Terrazzo experienced a revival during the Renaissance in Italy, especially visible in the palaces of Venice. Under constant development, terrazzo found a wide range of applications in homes, churches and public buildings. The recipe and production process also continued to develop. Nowadays there are also versions with epoxy or other resins and glass chips as grains. For our products we prefer the traditional recipe with cement, natural stone, water and pigments.

3. Which stones are used?

The whole collection is made with natural stones of Italian origin. This is how short ways of transportation between the quarry and the factory can be guaranteed.

4. How should I protect, clean and maintain my Luizzo products?

You can find a detailed terrazzo care guide here. More specific information about the tiles (laying and care) is listed here.

5. Are Luizzo products heat resistant?

Yes, all products are completely insensitive to heat. The tableaus could for instance be used as trivets for cooking pots.

6. How will my order be packed?

Our packaging is largely made of paper and other recycled materials. Cardboard boxes, padding and stickers are made of recycled paper. Chemical glue is replaced by natural rubber. We are constantly looking to replace even the last components of any packaging with a more sustainable alternative. Safe transport to you is our highest priority.

7. What are the delivery costs?

Within the EU, the delivery of all products except for the tiles is free of charge. The shipping costs for destinations outside the EU vary according to distance, customs etc. If you can not choose your destination in the checkout process, please drop us an email to mail@luizzo.de and we will figure everything out. 

8. How long is the delivery time?

You can find a precise estimate within each product description. Usually, accessories are delivered within 1-3 working days, furniture within 3-5 working days. Tiles mostly take 10-20 working days and custommade terrazzo products 6-8 weeks.

9. Can I return my order?

All products can be returned within 14 days. We are happy to arrange for your product to be collected, however the return freight will be charged at cost. In order to receive a return label please contact mail@luizzo.de If possible, please use the original packaging for the return.

10. Is there a possibility to see the Luizzo products?

In addition to our own online shop, we sell our products through selected partners. You can find a list of retailers here. 

Please contact the stores in order to find out which specific Luizzo items they have in stock. 

11. What is Luizzo Bespoke?

Through our business division Luizzo Bespoke, we sell custom-made products made of terrazzo. These can be tables, kitchen countertops, tiles or cubic designs. You can find detailed information here. 

12. Can I use terrazzo tiles inside the shower?

The tiles are intended to be used indoors and can also be placed inside the bathroom. The only thing we do not recommend is to lay them inside the shower. Not due to any technical limitations, but the constant influence of water, shampoo and soaps (sometimes aggressive) might damage the surface and create stains.