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Genereal Information

At Luizzo we sell terrazzo tiles by Grandinetti s.r.l. which follow the ancient recipes, made from marble, cement, natural colorants and water. Following todays standard we usually provide them in a mat honed finish, whereas we can also offer a shiny polished finish on request.

The tiles are intended to be used indoors and can also be placed inside the bathroom. The only thing we do not recommend is to lay them inside the shower. Not due to any technical limitations, but the constant influence of water, shampoo and soaps (sometimes aggressive) might damage the surface and create stains. 

The whole production process of the tiles takes place in a small family business in Italy that has been manufacturing terrazzo since more than 100 years. This how we can guarantee expertise, fair working conditions and short ways of transportation.   

Standard Sizes

20 x 20 x 1,2 cm (30 kg / sqm)
40 x 40 x 2 cm (50 kg / sqm)
60 x 60 x 2 cm (50 kg / sqm)

More sizes and forms (e.g. hexagonal) on request. 

Suitable Surface

Before laying the tiles it is important to prepare the underground by removing any kind of grease, dust, oil or scaling. We recommend to fill any cracks inside the screed with a suitable material. The screed should have a sufficient drying period before laying the tiles. 

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Make sure to use a suitable high-performance adhesive like Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 or Kerakoll H40 flex. Follow the indicated instructions to glue the tiles and remove any traces of glue from the surface and the joints between the tiles. 

Joints And Matching Grout

If you order terrazzo tiles from us we can provide you with grout that matches the color of the terrazzo mixture you ordered. In this way, an even and undisturbed appearance can be achieved. If you prefer an intentional contrast we can also offer you a wide range of natural colored grout. Before application please wait until the tile adhesive is fully hardened. We recommend to keep a 2 mm gap between the tiles to prevent them from loosening and cracking. 

Expansion Joints

Strain joints or expansion joints are installed to prevent cracks or detachment of the tiles. They consist in prearranged gaps in the underlay and allow the settlement between different sections of tiles floor. If you don't provide any expansion joints, experience shows that joints will form anyways but in an uncontrolled and unintended way. The craftsmen installing the tiles should therefore consider the installation of strain joints according to the technical features of the floor and area. 

In general we can differentiate between three different kinds of joints: 

1. Body joints: are always used in correspondence with the superficial joints  

2. Perimeter joints: are always used on the edges of the spaces where the tiles are touching walls, pillars, or similar. 

3. Division joints: are intended to reduce the mechanical load that might exist due to temperature variations or similar. The division joints should divide large spaces into smaller areas which should be around 2 to 3 meters for outdoor floors and 5 to 8 meters for indoor floors. In case of underfloor heating we recommend to prepare even smaller sections. 

luizzo terrazzo fliesen tiles fußbodenCleaning

Avoid acid detergents, alkali products or wax removers since they could damage the the terrazzo tiles and leave stains. We recommend to use the neutral Fila Cleaner according to its packaging instructions. 

Special Treatments

Impregnation or wax coating

We recommend to apply Fila MP90 stain repellent on the dry and cleaned terrazzo floor. For the application you can use a paint brush, a soft cloth or another proper applicator as described on the product's packaging. Once the product is dried you should remove any exceeding product with Fila Solv, using a soft cloth.

After 24 hours the floor can be polished with one or two layers of Fila classic wax, if desired. If you decide to apply two layers you should let the first one dry for two hours. Polish the floor by using a woolen cloth or a suitable polisher with a white disc. The treatment with wax will give the tiles a "wet effect" and makes the color appear darker. The wax treatment is also often referred to as the ancient method of protecting tiles. If you prefer to keep the natural appearance of the tiles we would recommend the treatment with impregnations like Fila Fob or MP90 as indicated above. 

Bathroom and kitchen wall coverings

We recommend to apply one coat of Fila Hydrorep (waterproof) for a better stain repellent effect. For maximum protection you can apply a layer of Fila Fob Xtreme afterwards (wait at least 24 hours). Non of the products will change the appearance of the terrazzo tiles. 

Cleaning of stains

If you should experience any trouble with staining (e.g. if an acid was not removed from the terrazzo surface and soaked into the material for a couple of hours) you have good chances to remove the stain with the following products:
- for colored stains: Fila SR/95
- for oil and grease stains: Fila Nonstop  
Be careful: sometimes the products might take off the wax coating from the tiles. Check and repeat the wax treatment if needed.  

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Maintenance of terrazzo tiles

Ordinary cleaning

As indicated above we recommend to use a solution of the Fila Cleaner in warm water to clean the floor on a regular basis (mixing ratio 1:30). If you decided to treat your tiles with wax (see above) you can use Fila classic and water to preserve the wax coating on a monthly basis (2-3 glasses in a bucket with water). If you should want to remove the wax completely, use a solution of Fila PS/87 in water (mixing ratio 1:5).


If the tiles are not laid right after you received them, we recommend to keep them in a dry and covered place. Over a longer period, rain and humidity might penetrate the untreated material and cause damage like color fading.

Results of Test UNI EN 13748-1

Graniglia terrazzo tiles for internal use (= fine terrazzo tiles)

Single-Layered: 20x20x1,2 cm / 25x25x1,3 cm / 40x40x2 cm / 60x60x2 cm
Dual-Layered: 20x20x2,1 cm / 25x25x2,5 cm / 40x40x3,3 cm
Composition: marble grit, ground marble, Portland 425 RK, colouring oxides when required, water

  Results Normative Reference Valore Limite
Dimensions Regular
Water absorption 5,30 % 4.2.6 Max 8%
Breaking Load (20x20x1,2 / 25x25x1,3)
8,9 Mpa 4.2.4 Min 5 Mpa
Breaking Load (40x40x2 / 60x60x2) 12,5 Mpa 4.2.4 Min 5 Mpa
Breaking Load (40x40x3,3) 5,4 Mpa 4.2.4 Min 5 Mpa
Slip resistance polish USRV 47 4.2.5
Slip resistance antique finish USRV 31 4.2.5
Slip resistance matt USRV 13 4.2.5
Reaction to fire A1 4.2.7


Results of Test UNI EN 13748-1

Graniglia Veneziana and Fragmenta terrazzo tiles for internal use (= chunky terrazzo tiles)

Single-Layered: 40x40x2 cm / 60x60x2 cm
Composition: marble grit, ground marble, Portland 425 RK, colouring oxides when required, water

  Results Normative Reference Valore Limite
Dimensions Regular
Water absorption 4,70 % 4.2.6 Max 8%
Breaking Load 
12,5 Mpa 4.2.4 Min 5 Mpa
Slip resistance matt USRV 47 4.2.5
Slip resistance antique finish USRV 31 4.2.5
Slip resistance polished USRV 13 4.2.5
Reaction to fire A1 4.2.7