Oftentimes, we receive questions regarding the care and protection of our terrazzo products. Even though the material is quite robust in general, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

The marble and natural stone used for our terrazzo mixtures is naturally open-pored which means that even with impregnation it can never be fully protected. Obviously, this is a general problem when you decide for any kind of marble product or other stones with an open-pored structure. At the same time, you will never be able to copy the beauty of natural materials by any kind of artificial substitute - at least in our opinion ;-)

In order to keep your terrazzo product in the best condition, we recommend to follow these instructions: 

  • Always use soft cloths or fabric for the cleaning of your Luizzo product
  • Avoid chemical, acidic or gritty cleaning products - they might damage the terrazzo surface
  • Remove stains right away and do not let them soak into the material
  • Especially acids like lemon juice, wine or vinegar should be removed immediately
  • If you want to use your Luizzo product outside, we recommend to reseal it once a year. For kitchen countertops we recommend to do it once every six months. 

For any further question regarding the maintenance of our products please contact us.